• Tagma, Halit Mustafa, Elif Kalaycioglu, and Emel Akcali. “ ‘Taming’ Arab social movements: Exporting neoliberal governmentality.” Security Dialogue 44.5-6 (2013): 375-392.

  • Kalaycioglu, Elif. “The Aesthetic Production of Palmyra as a Liberal-Multicultural Imaginary and Tadmor as its Limit” (under review).

Works in Progress

  • “Governing Culture ‘Credibly’: Contestations of Expertise at the World Heritage Regime.” in Christian Reus-Smit and Andrew Phillips (eds.). Cultural Diversity and International Orders. Under contract with the Cambridge University Press for publication in 2019.

  • “Title TBD” (Invited Concluding Essay for a Special Issue on ‘Composing Global Security,’) European Journal of International Security, in preparation for submission in 2019 (with Raymond Duvall).


  • “The Crisis of World Heritage: Changing World Order and Fracturing Global Governance,” journal article manuscript in preparation for submission in June 2019.